Cellular In Vitro Testing: Methods and Protocols

Editors РJohn W. Haycock (University of Sheffield, U.K.), Arti Ahluwalia (University of Piza, Italy) and J. Malcolm Wilkinson (Kirkstall Ltd, U.K.).


Focusing on new 3-D in vitro methods, this book brings together examples of leading-edge work being conducted internationally for improving in vitro cell culture methods. It highlights the use of systems for enabling cell culture under laminar flow and the use of 3-D scaffolds for providing cells with a structure which replicates the function of the extracellular matrix and encouraging interactions more akin to an in vivo environment. Chapters cover state-of-the-art protocols for bioreactor systems, in vitro toxicity methods, non-invasive imaging, 3-D cell cultures, stem cell usage, and the integration and use of novel scaffolds.

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