Confocal + 2-photon microscopy

two-photon and confocal imaging

We have a parallel two-photon and confocal imaging facility incorporating fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) based in the Kroto Research Institute. This is an open access facility and addresses the needs of our extensive and interconnected research programmes in Sheffield.

The facility is comprised of two Zeiss LSM510 META confocal microscopes which operate independently as confocal microscopes. One microscope has an upright stage and the other has an inverted stage. The inverted microscope has FSC.

Both microscopes are also adapted for 2-photon excitation by connection to a Ti-sapphire laser which is tuneable from 680nm to 1080nm. A wide range of objective lenses are available for both systems from x10 to x100 magnification with oil-dipping, water-dipping and long range capabilities.

The facility is run by an Experimental Officer Dr Nicola Green. Please contact Nicola if you would like to use the facility and for any further information.


John Haycock

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