Academic staff

Director: John Haycock, Professor of Bioengineering

Staff member’s names link to their departmental home pages:
Steve Armes, Professor in Polymer/Colloid Chemistry
Ihtesham RehmanReader in Biomedical Material
Ilaria Bellantuono, Reader in Stem Cell & Skeletal Aging
Ian Brook, Professor of OMF Medicine and Surgery
CK Chong, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
Fred Claeyssens, Senior Lecturer in Biomaterials
Richard Clayton, Reader in Computer Science
Aileen Crawford, Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry
Russell HandProfessor of Glass Science and Engineering
Paul Hatton, Professor of Biomaterials Science
Rod Hose, Professor of Computational Biomechanics
Tony Johnson, Director of the Dental Technology Unit
Graham Leggett, Professor of Nanoscale Analytical Science
Pat Lawford, Head of Medical Physics Group
Steve Matcher, Reader in Biomedical Engineering
Sheila MacNeil, Professor of Tissue Engineering
Nicolas Martin, Senior Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Cheryl Miller, Non-clinical lecturer in Dental Implantology and Biomaterials
Keyvan Moharamzadeh, Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry
Craig Murdoch, Non-Clinical Lecturer in Oral Science
David Patrick, Dental Public Health
Penny Rashbass, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Andrew Rawlinson, Professor of Restorative Dentistry
Ian Reaney, Professor of Ceramics
Gwen Reilly, Lecturer in Tissue Engineering
Steve RimmerProfessor of Polymer & Biomaterials Chemistry
Tony Ryan OBE, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Science
Rod Smallwood, Professor of Computational Biology
Linda Swanson, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Martin Thornhill, Professor of Oral Medicine
Lance Twyman, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Ric Van Noort, Professor of Dental Materials Science
Nick WilliamsProfessor of Chemistry
Phillip WrightProfessor of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Industrial & affiliated members

Simon Smith, BioServ UK Ltd
Liam Sutton, Manager, The Polymer Centre
Wendy Tindale, Professor & Clinical Director, Devices for Dignity

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